What is an MBA and what does it mean to us?

Jul 01 2019
Jaique Hayes

Have you met the MBA? Do you know what these three letters mean after the name and what they say about the people who got them?

The MBA is an abbreviation of the Master of Business Administration and is a non-academic title written by its bearer behind the name. In US, this degree and related study is not included in the Higher Education Act, so it is not classified as equivalent to bachelor’s, master’s or master’s degree.

The difference besides the perceived MBA law is also in what the title says. While current titles say that their bearer has reached a certain level of education, the Master of Business Administration marks lifelong learning.

For whom the MBA is appropriate

The English title of Master of Business Administration means that it will be a business or business-related title. This title is mainly gained by managers, managers who want to supplement their education with knowledge from economics, finance, marketing, human resources and similar directions.

In US, the title is not recognized as full-fledged, but there are exceptions. If the title was acquired abroad, it is possible to assess foreign studies as the equivalent of the American field of study, most often it is an economics engineer, thanks to which it would be recognized in our country.

Why this title was born

The Master of Business Administration was established in the US in the 19th century when most people worked after the industrial revolution in the cities. With an increase in the workforce in the factories, but also with the development of a global business, it was necessary to bring a scientific perspective to business and rely on facts and data to make decisions.

This is what MBA students offer: they train them in the methodology of researching marketing and economic data, teach them how to work with people and manage teams or employees.

The MBA also has its final work

If you decided to extend your study to a postgraduate program, you already know that the MBA is also completed by final work. What does this work involve and how can we help you with it? You’ll find out here.

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