The later start of school = better grades, confirms the latest research

Jul 05 2019
Jaique Hayes

Do you feel that the school day is starting too early? Experts have long argued for the later beginnings of school-based teaching at high schools and universities. In a new study, they used the followers that students wore on their wrists. They watched the later beginnings of teaching influence the students. It turned out that pospaliviac students had better grades and missed less days.

Behind everything is hormones

By entering puberty, the rhythms of every circadian rhythm of the students are shifted. In short, these rhythms help regulate sleep, sleep and wake up. It is our personal body clock that is responsible for when we feel tired and ready to sleep. It is closely related to melatonin, the sleep hormone. With the onset of puberty, the body secretes melatonin only later in the evening. That is why teenagers go to sleep late in the evening, respectively. at night. It’s not a whim or a dude. It’s just a matter of hormones.

Despite the shifted sleep rhythm, students need 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night. Because of the late elimination of sleep hormone melatonin fall asleep late, respectively. at night, they need to sleep logically longer in the morning. Therefore, doctors, teachers, and scientists have been calling for years to be postponed for many years.

What does the study say?

One of the schools in Seattle tried the experiment. She shifted the start of schooling from 7:50 to 8:45. Experts collected the necessary data and then analyzed it. What did they lose?

Researchers wore activity monitor wrists. So the scientists knew exactly when and how much they slept. At an average later start of schooling, he gave each student 34 minutes of extra sleep during each school day.

It doesn’t seem to be a lot, but wonder the world, more sleep has positively reflected on learning outcomes. On a scale of 0 to 100 students surveying this research, it climbed from 77.5 to 82. It’s simple. More sleep = better thinking, better learning = better grades. This is clear YES for shifting the start of school.

Brain – factory for processing and information

Students who don’t sleep well may have a problem absorbing new information for the second day. Moreover, they can’t handle the knowledge they learned the day before. The brain works as a factory to process ideas and information, it is important to realize. At night during sleep, she sorts information into imaginary “file folders”. Thanks to this important detail, you will forget but keep important things and memories. Every year, fluid in the brain flushes out molecular waste that can damage the brain. Do you know why sleep is so important for students?

The research has confirmed what they have already learned. The later start of the school day is an effective way to improve student health, academic achievement, safety and, last but not least, school attendance.

Are you behind the beginning of school?

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