How to make good use of bachelor’s resources?

Jul 09 2019
Jaique Hayes

I’ll find a good source and write it down literally.

This way many students want to make their bachelor thesis easier. But it’s not that simple. Working with resources has its own specifics and you can burn very easily. Plagiarism can now be discovered quickly and easily in modern technology.

This does not mean, however, that you should abandon resources when writing a bachelor’s degree. On the contrary, you will need them. We will advise you on a few basic points to get the most out of resources.


Here lies the biggest stumbling block that the resources involved in writing a bachelor’s thesis. Many students find something about their topic, but they do not find out the origin of the information. Especially at the time of the Internet, they often come across unverified things that have no real value. Give yourself the job, spend time and energy to get the most out of proven, relevant, and quality resources. This will greatly increase your bachelor’s degree.


Another very important thing about resources, where many students have already been burned. Quotes cannot be used in the style I like. Their introduction at work has its own specifics. Quotation of particular statements or knowledge must go to quotes and of course it is the indication of the source from which the quotations in the work are drawn.

List of resources

We will link to the previous point. Each bachelor must have a list of sources, resp. list of used literature. Everything your bachelor thesis contains, besides what you have invented, created, or out of your opinion, must be listed in the resource list. Whether it’s pictures, charts, tables, insights or quotes. You have two options to sort the resource list. Either by alphabetical order, or in the text in square brackets, give the number as the source, and then you decipher it in the used literature list.

What about electronic resources?

Popular sources today are the ones from the Internet. At first, we warned you, especially to check their relevance and quality. The amount of information on the Internet is waste and it is necessary to be able to distinguish the grain from the weed. For web-based resources, you need to copy the entire link you used to draw from. It is also useful to include the date when you used this resource and the author’s name, if available.

As we explained in the previous paragraphs and rows, the sources are alpha and omega when writing a quality bachelor’s degree. Give yourself the effort to find good and relevant, the time and energy you invest will come back. Resources are a two-edged weapon – they can sink you or help you a lot. If you follow our advice, the second option remains.

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