How to make good use of bachelor’s resources?

Jul 09 2019
Jaique Hayes

I’ll find a good source and write it down literally. This way many students want to make their bachelor thesis easier. But it’s not that simple. Working with resources has its own specifics and you can burn very easily. Plagiarism can now be discovered quickly and easily in modern technology. This does not mean, however,

MBA and LLM work

Jul 03 2019
Jaique Hayes

We will elaborate on your MBA and LLM work The MBA or LLM work is part of the end of the so-called. postgraduate professional training program. The MBA study is focused on subjects such as Marketing, Finance and Banking, Management, Business, etc. LLM is specialized in Law. It takes a lot of time to write

What is an MBA and what does it mean to us?

Jul 01 2019
Jaique Hayes

Have you met the MBA? Do you know what these three letters mean after the name and what they say about the people who got them? The MBA is an abbreviation of the Master of Business Administration and is a non-academic title written by its bearer behind the name. In US, this degree and related